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  1. What is Social Media Marketing?
    Social Media Marketing is a marketing channel to gain awareness, attention, and traffic to your website using social media sites, such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn and many more.
  2. Facebook Marketing
    Marketing on Facebook using these Facebook Business Tools:
  3. Instagram Marketing
  4. Twitter Marketing
    • Twitter Creative Canvas - Dynamic platform for your brand story.
      • Promoted Video
      • In-Stream Video Ads
      • In-Stream Video Sponsorships
      • Branded Emojis
      • Promoted Moments
      • Conversational Video Ads
      • GIFs and Photos
      • Periscope
    • Twitter Website Traffic & Conversion - Use Twiiter Ads to turn mobile audiences into customers.
    • Twitter Success Story - Success stories about marketing on Twitter.
    • Mobile App Growth - Grow your mobile app by reaching engaged audience.
    • @TwitterMktg - Twitter on Twitter Marketing.
    • Twitter Audience Insight - Target audiences based on a number of parameters: interests, demographics, operating system, brands they follow, and a variety of other variables.
    • Cause Marketing on Twitter - Social Cause program you can initiate on Twitter for your corporate CSR (corporate social responsibility) efforts.
  5. Pinterest Marketing
  6. LinkedIn Marketing
    • Here is Twitter



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