Do It Yourself SEO

SEO 101 - The Beginner's Guide to Search Engine Optimization
  1. Introduction to SEO - Introduction to Search Engine Optimization (What is SEO?, Do We need it?, Can I do it myself?)
  2. Start Your SEO Engine - Beginner's process of doing SIMPLE Search Engine Optimization.
  3. Search Engine - Learn various type of Search Engine and How it works.
  4. Search Engine Friendly - Make your site Search Engine Friendly, in addition to User Friendly.
  5. Keywords Research - Learn how to pick your right keywords for your web pages by doing some keywords research.
  6. Meta Tags - Learn how to write right and powerful <META> tags.
  7. Robot.txt - Learn how to write robots.txt file.
  8. SEO Terms - Learn all terms in Search Engine Optimization.

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